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  • Provide customer self-serve options to accelerate their office experience
  • Increase office service efficiency
  • Allow staff to stay focused on high-value services

Our Pre-Enrolment product will help you improve the efficiency of your office, manage staff requirements, improve office morale and reduce wait times and return visits for clients. This service empowers your clients to complete aspects of their business transactions from any Internet connection long before they crowd your offices or waiting rooms.  By pre-populating important demographic information before they come to the office, users become an integral part of the process, thereby reducing data entry needs. Sophisticated verification techniques are further used to confirm information is accurate.

From a client’s perspective, the service is seamless. We deploy the system to your specifications to ensure the applicant’s transition from your webpage to Solutions Thru Software’s Pre-Enrolment system.  The client can create or access portions of their records and update information dynamically. The system ensures that the client knows exactly what information is required and what must be brought to the agency office, reducing the need for return visits.

When utilized in conjunction with Scheduler, the applicant’s zip code can be seamlessly used to check service availability at nearby offices and book an appointment. Wait times and lines at the office can be reduced by distributing appointments more evenly throughout the day, a vital tool for customer service and staff management.