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  • Present randomized interactive practice exams
  • Reduce re-tests and associated costs in the office
  • Help clients learn the knowledge they need

PracTest is an at-home exam generator used to help individuals prepare for certifications, endorsements, licenses or other forms of testing. Clients benefit as they challenge their knowledge and, if necessary, review critical material. You benefit with better pass rates and improved customer service. PracTest can be combined with inline training content delivery to create a completely interactive training and study experience. 

PracTest uses the same advanced algorithms uniquely created for each exam type offered. Great care is taken to ensure practice exams closely resemble the content and difficulty that clients will encounter in real exams. You can even offer exams based on the same "certified" materials scrutinized and authorized for actual exams. 

If you need a digital exam, PracTest can make it available for driver's exams, boating tests, insurance certifications, first aid exams and many more.