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Solutions Thru Software is the industry leader and proven supplier of automated knowledge testing, computer-based road testing and resource scheduling systems.  We are the longest continuous provider of automated driver’s license testing solutions in North America.

Solutions Thru Software (STS) has, for almost 20 years, been providing high quality solutions backed by outstanding service and a strong reputation for achieving the results you need.

Take a look at our knowledge testing, road testing and scheduling solutions, and you’ll find efficient and reliable technology designed and backed by people who truly commit to meeting your needs.

Integrity and security is paramount as STS continues to develop products and services for State, Provincial and Federal governments.  We have also completed contracts for US, Canadian and British military departments, and Boeing and Bristol Aerospace.  

About Us

Our Team

The heart of Solutions Thru Software is our team, a group of people with a passion for research and a long-term commitment to developing software dedicated to increasing the integrity of driver’s licensing and the efficiency of the government office. Our technical innovation has enabled us to create Examiner, a system that readily integrates with your systems and achieves your expectations on time and within budget. 

STS is the only company in the industry that owns and operates a privatized driver’s licensing office. Our own day-to-day licensing operations serve as a continual laboratory that directs our research. Our products are engineered to achieve positive business outcomes and always incorporate the customer’s perspective. Ongoing research and improvement is an aspect of software development that is frequently neglected by less exacting development groups, but one that STS considers vital to customer satisfaction. Extensive redevelopment has positioned our company’s browser-based system as the most technically advanced system on the market today.

We offer a strong and dedicated team. Our IT employees come from aerospace and/or defense-related backgrounds. This may not be a typical talent pool for developing testing systems, but we have found that experience achieving the stringent requirements of military-grade systems for stability and reliability is an extremely valuable asset in product design. Our team includes former government driver examiners, graphic designers, engineers with extensive experience in software and hardware design, programmers, engineering technologists, technical writers and administrative personnel. 

Solutions Thru Software Inc. is incorporated in the State of Nevada with physical corporate presences in Henderson, NV, Columbus, OH and San Antonio, TX. Our Canadian operations, Solutions Thru Software Ltd. is based in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Achievements and Recognition

Our credentials and capabilities received national recognition when Solutions Thru Software was selected by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to design a complex computer program that enables all jurisdictions to conduct a nationally standardized commercial motor vehicle test. STS is the only company that has been validated by AAMVA and FMCSA for the production of federally certified CDL exams. This robust software is the foundation of our automated knowledge testing system. The same care and attention that went into the development of this software has also been taken in the development of our latest road skills testing software, RoadsScholar. 


STS is always looking for methods to improve the testing environment and enhance the quality of the applicant’s experience. We are always open to customer feedback.

Our reputation is unique. Quite simply, we are known for exceeding the expectations defined by the original scope of a contract. STS fully understands that a jurisdiction will continue to discover new features and implementation methods that may not have been envisioned during the development of the original solicitation. However, there will be no additional costs or “up-sell” attempts when it comes to automated testing. As upgrades are identified, they are made available to all STS customers for their automated testing system at no additional charge. 

We provide a full featured version of our Examiner Automated Testing System. This includes all features and options contained within our Examiner product line, regardless of whether or not these features were specified in your solicitation. As an STS customer, you can activate any of the options as they are discovered in the implementation phase, or at any time thereafter. The cross-jurisdictional item pools in the U.S. (CDL and MSF) are offered in English and Spanish, including audio, to all STS customers at no additional cost. This includes all upgrades as supplied by MSF and FMCSA.

These efforts have added to the satisfaction of our current clients. It is common for customers to comment that “Solutions Thru Software is the best vendor we have ever worked with” and that we “go beyond the scope and requirements of the contract.”  Review our testimonials and contact our references for validation of this claim. We are proud of the fact that we have developed ongoing, long-term business relationships with many jurisdictions. 

About Us